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A good logo is the cornerstone of your business, your brand and all your marketing activities.... but what is a logo and more importantly what makes a good logo?  
Very simply, a logo is a visual design symbolising your business.  It can be an image, text or shape or combination of all three.  Aside from looking 'pretty' though, logos serve several important functions.  Your logo should:
  • help people understand what you do & who you are 
  • make you stand out from competition
  • identify key information about your business
  • build brand recognition (see Branding)
So, how do we go about designing a logo?
  1. Understand: learn about your business and research the market
  2. Visualise: create a mood board of ideas and inspirations
  3. Thumbnails: sketch, sketch and sketch some more
  4. Concepts: drill down to 2-3 concepts to discuss with you
  5. Final design: drill further down to 1 concept and expand that idea into a concrete design
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