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I've taken the long road...

My interest in marketing and graphic design started over 20 years ago.  I have been in marketing for many years but it’s only recently I’ve formally qualified in graphic design... I’ve taken the long route to becoming a graphic designer.

I graduated from university with a Commerce Degree in Marketing & Economics and started work as an account manager in an advertising agency in Australia.  I was always reliant on the creative team to make the magic happen.  

Agency work progressed into a 10-year career in corporate marketing with a global organisation based in London and Hong Kong.  After a career break to start a family, I decided the time was right to unleash the creative person inside and returned to university to study graphic design.  Studying graphic design has enabled me to provide a holistic marketing and branding service.

"the best ideas start with a pencil, paper, inspiration and imagination"

Judith Davison - The Jones

I love working with clients who are passionate about their brand.  They have a vision of what they want their brand to be.... but are just not sure how to get there.  That’s where I come in.  I work with niche brands, start-ups and entrepreneurs to harness the power of their brand and create effective designs and marketing to support their vision.  

I love the creative process and get immense satisfaction from taking a creative concept through to completion.  I continue to be amazed about the evolution of design in the digital age but I always remember that the best ideas start with a pencil, paper, inspiration and imagination.  

Judith Davison (nee Owen-Jones)

Graphic Designer and Marketing Specialist

Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing & Economics), Griffith University, Queensland

Diploma of Graphic Design, Torrens University, Melbourne (graduation April 2020)

Photo credit banner photo, Robert Owen-Jones

The Jones
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