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"Branding" is one of those marketing terms that is widely used but equally misunderstood.  Simply put, your brand is what people think of when they see your company name.  Your logo exists objectively; you can see it.  Your brand exists subjectively; it's emotional and exists in people's minds. 
That's all fine and good...but how do you design a brand?
  1. Research: Understand the market and your competitors
  2. Define: Clarify what you are selling and identify your unique selling point
  3. Values: Create a shortlist of values that you want your brand to reflect
  4. Visuals: Branding is more than a logo. It's typeface; it's colour; it's photography, style and graphics; it's catchphrases; it's tone of voice....It's more than a logo, it's everything else.  
  5. Apply...always...to everything: your branding elements should be used in everything representing your business (see Marketing).
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