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"If it's not on Insta, it didn't happen".... this statement is not quite true but that's how it can feel in today's fast paced, speed scrolling world of social media.
If you have a limited marketing budget, then naturally you are careful about what type of marketing strategies you invest in.  Marketing through social media is one of the most versatile and cost-effective strategies that small businesses and start-ups can use to reach their target audience and boost sales over time... but planning, effective design and a clear strategy are musts.
Our golden rules for social media:
  1. Be Objective.  Having a narrow focus is better than a broad one.  Do you want to raise awareness, increase sales, build loyalty, increase retention? - choose one.
  2. Be Selective. Find your demographic and choose your platforms wisely.  Is your target audience on Twitter or are they on Instagram?
  3. Be Time Smart.  Invest your time wisely.  Social media may be cost effective but is it time effective?  Don't fall into a rabbit hole posting content if the platform is not reaching your audience.
  4. Be Consistent. You must be continuously active on a social media platform to see results.  It is not a quick fix. Social media marketing is a long term play.
  5. Value Content. The most successful strategies have well thought out content, tons of it, which your followers want to read.
  6. Quality over quantity.  Don't fixate on number of followers.  Fixate on the quality of those following you.  50 followers who are potential customers in your target demographic are worth more than 500 random followers.
  7. Strategic Design. Make sure your branding carries through to your social media content.  Viewers must be able to absorb the essence of your brand in one quick glance.
We have a trusted partnership with a digital marketing expert who can provide advice on strategies to increase followers, using Facebook advertising and how to maximise engagement across your social media platforms.
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